Pesticide production to be introduced in Ningxia chemical park, China

نشر على 2019-08-27
China’s Ningxia Ningdong Energy-Chemical Park focuses on coal-based chemicals, fine chemicals, high-end machinery manufacturing, energy-saving and environmental protection industries, as well as modern logistics. As being backed up by the production of methanol, ethylene, carbon 4, benzene, vinyl acetate, vinol, 1,4-butylene glycol, polytetrahydrofuran, and coal to oil F-T synthesis wax, the administration of the chemical park made a decision to construct a new chemical park covering a total area of 22.71-square kilometers, where it will produce chemical materials, specialty chemicals, pesticides, dyes and paints. With pesticide production at the new plant focusing on future developments, Ningdong’s management also announced several incentives. 

The Chinese government is currently strictly regulating pesticide production, which is subject to environmental and safety monitoring. Companies that produce pesticides are required to hold a pesticide production permit, and the pesticide industry considers safety a top priority. 
In recent years, the Chinese pesticide industry has been restructuring at a rapid pace, and many companies are planning to build new production facilities or relocate.


Source: AgroNews
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